Processing machinery is the production process

Processing machinery is the production process from raw materials ( or semi-finished products made from the whole process ). Mechanical processing machinery production of raw materials including the transportation and preservation, production preparation, blank of manufacturing, machining and heat treatment, product assembly, and debugging, painting and packaging etc.. The production process of the content is very extensive, modern enterprise systems engineering principles and methods to organize production and guide the production, the production process as one having an input and an output of the manufacturing system. Scientific management enable enterprises, make the enterprises more resilience and competitiveness.


Mechanical processing production process, directly change the raw materials ( or blank ) shape, size and performance, turning them into finished product, called the mechanical machining process. It is the main part of the production process. For example, rough casting, forging and welding; changes in material properties of the heat treatment [1]; parts of machinery processing, all belong to the technical process. The process is composed of one or a plurality of sequential process.


Machining process is the process of basic unit. The process is defined in a work place, on one or a group of workpieces are continuously finished that part of the process. Constitute a process main characteristics are not altered processing objects, equipment and operator, and the process of content is continuously done. For example in figure 32-1 [cc1] parts, the process can be divided into the following two steps: Step 1: on the lathe, car end outer circle, boring and internal hole chamfer; step 2: on drilling machine drill 6 holes.